Every wedding is unique in a way that each has its own set of challenges. The rush and thrill of these challenges never fail to keep us on our toes. On Eira and Marian’s wedding we were faced with a number of challenges

First was the wedding venue. The dress-up was held at Coco Grande Hotel, Dumaguete City. Church ceremony was in Zambuangita Church and the reception was held in Antulang Beach Resort. From Dumaguete City it was a 40 km travel south. It was something we were not used to. It was a wedding and an adventure at the same time. In everything that we did, time was always put to consideration. This was made possible by Jensen Tan and the In-Style Events team for coordinating with everyone to stick with our schedule.

The second challenge was the weather. It wasn’t cooperating that well and when the weather is bad it goes to say that the electricity would then be affected. We had to cope with all these circumstances quickly. Going to battle prepared always comes in handy.

The long winding road, the heavy rain and the power out breaks were all insignificant on how happy and momentous the event was. Everyone were simply filled with love and joy for the newly weds – such a beautiful sight (and these are highly evident in the photos below)

The rain stopped and the night ended with two families united as one and everyone partied and danced the night away.

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Vendor list:

Coordinator & Stylist : Instyle Events

Hair & Make-up artist: Roy Erwin Tizon

Gown: Vera Wang

Bridal Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Barong: Edwin Alba

Reception: Antulang Beach Resort

Lights & Sounds : Evolution Dumaguete

Dress-up: Coco Grande Hotel

Videography: Kim Cuevas Cinematography