Kin and Cheene’s wedding is definitely a wedding made in heaven. As published in both local and international weather organizations – it was predicted to be one wet and rainy day for a wedding in Dumaguete City. Knowing that Kin and Cheene’s wedding would be a garden wedding – we prepared for the best and worst.

11:00 AM As forecasted rain started to pour. As rain clouds started to fill the skies a second prayer was offered for good weather and guidance.

Prayers, faith and a little bit of luck, nothing is impossible.

As it was time for Kin, Cheene and the whole wedding entourage to take on the aisle which was perfectly decorated and styled by Purple Parasol the skies cleared up giving way for the sun to shine on our lovely couples wedding.

It was a beautiful day and a very beautiful wedding as well. The heavens definitely agreed on this young couples’ union.



Cheers to Kin & Cheene!


Vendor List

Coordination & Styling: Purple Parasol by Veronica Vicuña

Hair & Make-up : Melchy Edralin

Flowers : Bunch-n-Dozen

Cake: Aurora Miranda

Prep Venue : Florentina Homes

Ceremony & Reception Venue : Ang Tay Golf Course

Cinematographer : Tatsuo Productions

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