Two days prior their wedding, we were already set to travel from Dumaguete to Cebu at 10 PM just in time to catch our plane Cebu to Camiguin the next day.

As we were having our late dinner and giving the team final briefs, we received a notification from our email.


The dinner went from calm, to are you joking? are you serious? This can’t be.

Upon calling the airline’s customer service, there was no other flight they could offer us other than on the April 28th which was already too late. Their solution was to fly us to Cagayan De Oro which was the nearest entry point to Camiguin.

Grabbing our phones opened any browser that we could get hold of and googled: QUICKEST WAY CAGAYAN TO CAMIGUIN. As always, thank you google. It turns our it would require us to travel an 83 km bus ride and another hour ferry ride to take us to Camiguin Island.

The alternate route would have been better. A ferry direct from Cagayan to Camiguin but the schedule was too early for us to catch coming from our flight from Cebu.

The travel was very long. The excitement to finally see this beautiful paradise is powering us through the 5 hours ride. As we finally took the hour long ferry ride to Camiguin, we were immediately energised.

Approaching the island of Camiguin, we were welcomed by stunning sun set. We were renewed and immediately brainstormed our shot list.

From the airline email to the hour ferry ride, we made sure we gave our couple constant updates as to our whereabouts and assured them that we would definitely be there on their wedding because all the hustle would definitely be worth it.

On the day of Pierce and Michelle’s wedding, we were blessed with great weather and calm seas as our ceremony would be held in a sand bar, The White Island.

It was a very intimate wedding, surrounded with relative and close friends.

Very beautiful place definitely complementing this beautiful couple, Pierce and Michelle.

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Here’s a short AVP of their wedding day! DON’T MISS THIS OUT! PRESS PLAY!